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Monthly Archives: April 2022


Florida Appeals Court Orders New Trial After Trial Counsel Failed To Strike Biased Juror

By Faulkner Law Group, PLLC |

The right to a jury trial requires that the individual jurors are themselves impartial. In this context, impartiality means the jurors do not rely on any preconceptions about the defendant’s guilt or innocence before hearing the evidence. It also means that jurors will not infer guilt based on improper considerations, such as a defendant’s… Read More »

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Can The State Object To The Appointment Of Post-Conviction Counsel?

By Faulkner Law Group, PLLC |

When a person is convicted of a crime in Florida state court, they have the right to file at least one appeal. After exhausting all possible state appeals, a person may then pursue what is known as a federal habeas corpus review. Habeas corpus refers to the inherent authority of federal courts to review… Read More »

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What Is Considered “Cyberstalking” In Florida?

By Faulkner Law Group, PLLC |

Most of us have seen–or dealt with–abusive behavior online at one time or another. In some cases such behavior may rise to the level of cyberstalking. This is not simply a term of art. Florida law specifically recognizes cyberstalking as a criminal offense. And individuals who have been targeted by such behavior may seek… Read More »

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What Happens If I Sell Firearms Without A License?

By Faulkner Law Group, PLLC |

The Second Amendment may guarantee your constitutional right to keep and bear arms. But that does not mean you have an unrestricted freedom to purchase or sell such weapons within the state of Florida. Indeed, there are a number of federal and state laws designed to carefully regulate the marketplace for weapons–and if you… Read More »

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