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Category Archives: Paternity


Does A Judge Have To Provide “Specific Steps” For You To Regain Time With Your Child?

By Faulkner Law Group, PLLC |

Florida courts resolve child custody disputes by approving a document known as a “parenting plan,” which among other things spells out a “time-sharing schedule” for each parent to follow with respect to their child. Although parents are free to negotiate their own parenting plan, the final decision rests with the court, which is legally… Read More »

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How a Decision to Sever a Child-Parent Relationship Can Affect Your Child’s Inheritance Rights

By Faulkner Law Group, PLLC |

Once paternity of a child is established under Florida law, the father cannot unilaterally sever the parent-child relationship. Instead, certain procedures must be followed. Even in cases where the biological father agrees to termination in order to permit a stepparent adoption, the original paternity relationship remains in effect until a court signs a final… Read More »

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How to Establish Paternity in Tampa, Florida

By Faulkner Law Group, PLLC |

Florida law distinguishes between biological fathers and legal fathers. For many children, their biological father is their legal father, but it’s not always like that. Someone can genetically father a child, but it doesn’t mean they necessarily have the legal rights that people associate with parenthood. To establish someone as a child’s legal father,… Read More »

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Do I Need a Florida Paternity Lawyer?

By Faulkner Law Group, PLLC |

Florida paternity law’s main purpose is to establish the legal recognition fathers, provide support for children and further fathers’ relationships with their biological children. There may be several different reasons you are considering hiring a Tampa paternity lawyer. If you have a paternity-law related issue, it’s always best to speak with an experienced attorney… Read More »

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