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Monthly Archives: October 2023


Florida’s Standardized Visitation Schedules For Parents

By Faulkner Law Group, PLLC |

Florida implemented a new child custody law known as the Standard Parenting Time Plan that impacted how visitation schedules should be standardized in the state of Florida. The purpose of the law was to standardize the way in which visitation worked under our state laws. The intention of the bill was to shift the… Read More »

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Studies Say That Gay Couples Divorce Less Frequently Than Straight Couples

By Faulkner Law Group, PLLC |

Two studies conducted in Europe appear to indicate that gay couples divorce much less frequently than their straight counterparts. In Denmark, the divorce rate for gay couples was 17% against 46% for straight couples. In the Netherlands, marriages between two men dissolved at a rate of 15%, while marriages between straight couples dissolved at… Read More »

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How Are LLCs Treated During A Divorce?

By Faulkner Law Group, PLLC |

One of the most common questions that divorcees have for their attorneys is: What will happen to my business after the divorce is finalized? In truth, it depends on the type of business you own, whether or not it is a shared partnership, and what each individual’s stake in the company is. In most… Read More »

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Study Reveals That Divorce Causes Significant Harm To Men’s Health

By Faulkner Law Group, PLLC |

A recent study revealed that divorce could seriously and negatively impact men’s health. Men who are divorced and live alone are much more likely to have failing health according to the study. Those who live alone for at least 7 years and see two of their relationships end tend to have more inflammation throughout… Read More »

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